Nail Extension Enhancements


Manicure & Pedicure - natural nails care



With an aromatic bath soaks, botanical scrubs, massage-our nail care services are designed to revive and restore your hands and feet to their original natural beauty. Relax and Treat your hands or feet to a manicure or spa pedicure that will have your hands or feet looking fresh and feeling great in no time!

We used a one time disposable pedicure liner for each Client.
barelux pack

Eyelash Extensions

eyelashe decal

Strip Lash (up to 5 days wear)                                        $15 Over 12 different styles to choose from                                                            Individual Eyelash (up to 2 weeks wear)                      $50 Have your eyelashes extended with individual knotted clustered.  No mascara needed-- for a fuller, natural and sexy look                                             Semi-Permanent Lash(single lash, up 10 weeks wear)   Experience the glamour and comfort of single eyelash extensions. These extensions vary in lengths and closely mimic the natural shape and curve of true eyelashes. Extensions last up to 10 weeks, 2-3 weeks touch-ups are recommended to maintain your look.                                                             Natural Look (30-45 lashes per eye)               $109                                         Flirty Look (55-70 lashes per eye)                   $169                                         Glamour Girl (85-100 lashes per eye)             $229                                         Cat Eye Look (5-8 lashes per eye)                     $50                                         Half Lash Look                                                      $70                                          Touch-Up (2- 4 weeks)                                $50 & up                                          Lash Removal                                               $25 & up                                        *Please consult with technician for more info.

BODY WAXING - for a smooth clean look


Eyebrow                      $12 Lip                                  $7 Forehead                    $15 Cheeks                        $10 Shoulder                     $20 Half Arms                   $25 Full Arms                    $35 Lower Legs                $32 Upper Legs                $32 Full Legs                    $50 Toes                           $10 Misc Spot                  $10


Chin                          $10 Neck                         $10 Sideburns                $15 Full Face                  $45 Underarms              $20 Chest                        $20 Hands                      $10 Lower Back             $25 Upper Back             $25 Full Back                  $45 Stomach                  $20 Fingers                     $10

*All prices are starting only.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Not all services are listed.  Please be advised, Classy Nails and Spa is not responsible for any typo.  For a more accurate pricing, please come in for a consultation.